Annual Roof Maintenance Plans

Yearly Roof Inspection & Maintenance Plans

Increase The Longevity of Your Roof & Protect Your Home

Your roof experiences every day wear and tear through the process of natural aging and exposure to the elements. If maintenance services are not completed on a regular basis, the service life of the roof will be greatly reduced and the roof warranty may become void. The service life of any well maintained roof will be longer if it is properly taken care of.  Whether you have a tile roof, shingle roof or any other roof, a regular schedule of roof maintenance can prevent costly roof repair issues down the road.


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Roof Maintenance is the regular scheduling of tasks to keep a roof in a watertight condition. Having your roof professionally inspected will protect the longevity of the roof. Maintenance items include inspecting and cleaning the roofing substrates, gutters and drains, sealing through roof penetrations, checking for open seams, wall flashings, support blocks and scuppers. It is the continued maintenance of these items that will keep your property watertight and extend the roof’s expected service life. Roof Maintenance includes the maintenance and repairs of other rooftop components as well. Some of the other maintenance and repair of the rooftop components will include sealing HVAC ductwork, exposed wood components, and skylight.

Roof Maintenance and inspection

4 Reasons Why You Should Maintain Your Roof

Similar to how a dam restricts water flow, moss and debris can do the same thing on your roof. Unlike dams this is usually not beneficial to you or anyone else. When debris and moss collect on your roof and clog up the natural water channels in your roof it can divert water to places it is not meant to go. This can result in unnecessary leaks.

When roofing materials are designed they are tested against normal elements. These are wind, rain, UV Rays and acid rain. They do not however test for moss and debris collecting on them. In fact most roofing manufacturers put exclusions in their warranties if the roof is not maintained. This is because of the prior issue of water diversion. But also the erosion that moss and debris can cause. Especially for asphalt roofing shingles.

When moss grows on the roof it can dislodge the granules on top of the roof that reflect the UV rays and prolong the life of the roof.

When debris is left on the roof it can enhance the growth of moss. It also traps moisture which causes loss of granules as well. For wood shakes it promotes decay of the wood.

Gutters on your home are traditionally nailed into place. The nails go into the ends of the rafters that support your roof.

When debris is allowed to collect and build up in your gutters, the weight can actually pull the gutter away from the house. This can allow water to run behind the gutter which can decay the structure of your roof. It can also cause erosion and basement/crawlspace leaks.

When the nails are pulled away from the house, the hole that is left will not hold the nail when it is driven back in. This causes the need for expensive gutter adjustment or replacement.


Apart from all of the functional issues that moss and debris cause, it also looks darn ugly! One of the most important factors in selling a home is the outside appearance. Many people do not consider the fact that your roof makes up 25-50% of the aesthetic of their home’s exterior. Not only does this affect your home’s appeal, it can also affect its valuation.

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