10 May 2017

A common concern for homeowners is having a roof leak that goes undetected. This situation is quite common and when it happens, the end result is usually expensive. When you compare the costs of fixing a roof leak vs the costs of replacing a roof, you can see why it’s important to detect roof leaks as early as possible. Before we go any farther, consider hiring a roofing company to inspect your roof regularly. For the same reason you would hire someone to look over your car, you want to protect your investment. Having a professional come out and inspect your roof will help protect your home from undetected roof leak damage.

Look For Visible Water Spots On The Ceiling

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This is the easiest way to detect roof leaks in your home, mainly because it is easy to see. You would be surprised how many people overlook this warning sign until it is too late. It is important that you do inspections thoroughly when looking for water damage. This includes looking in closets, unused rooms, corners, and any other place that may be easily overlooked. Hiring an experienced roof inspection company can help substantially.

Shingle/Storm Drain Inspections

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Climbing onto your roof and inspecting every individual shingle can be tough and time consuming. Especially when you don’t know what you’re looking for. But this is necessary because your shingles can be the number one indicator of your roof’s health. In areas like Florida, the rain and wind can erode the sediment on the shingle and cause it to fall in to the storm drain. When this happens, you are exposed to roof damage in two ways.

One way is that your shingle now has less protection to provide, and is more susceptible to damage. If it is damaged, then your roof is now directly exposed to rain water, bugs, etc. The other serious danger you’re facing is clogged storm drains. When sediment mixes with dirt and leaves, it can easily clog a storm gutter. Once this happens, you have to worry about sitting water being in direct contact with areas around your roof. It is also possible that your storm gutters will begin to sink, and they could eventually collapse (causing even more damage).

Hire A Professional Roof Leak Repair Service

If you have even the slightest indication of a roof leak, just stop and contact an expert. It isn’t worth it to take a chance and let the problem get worse. Hiring an expert to come out and look at your roof will give you peace of mine, quality work, and a stronger roof than ever. For those of you in Florida, contact Bay Area Roofing – roof leak repair service in Largo FL.

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