14 Sep 2017

Roof Inspections In Central Florida After Hurricane Irma

In light of Hurricane Irma’s trip through the Florida Peninsula, thousands of homeowners have sustained serious damage to their home. There are many reasons you would want to have a professional roof inspection done on your home.

High Winds Put Stress On Your Home

A very important reason to get a roof inspection done quickly is that hurricanes put a lot of stress on your home. The constant powerful wind can remove shingles or protective materials on your roof. On top of this, the wind is carrying rain and other debris that get blown directly at your home. After this has been happening for a while, the rain can begin to make its way into openings in your home. Many people don’t think about this and they assume that their home is fine. It isn’t until weeks or months later that they realize they have a serious issue.

Wind-Blown Rain Can Get Inside Your Home Easily

If water manages to find its way into parts of your home, then there is a great chance that mold will begin to form. Especially if your home loses power and there is no air flow in your home. Aside from mold, the water alone can cause serious damage if it sits for an extended amount of time. This will reduce the integrity of your home’s roof, and decrease the life of your home substantially

Have A Professional Roof Inspection Done To Be Safe

In summary, it is important to get your home inspected because these problems can occur without any visible signs. When left to sit, water can destroy your roof. This is not only a danger to the house, it is a danger to your health. Mold, mildew, pests, and other serious factors could now have an easy entrance into your home. It is a wise decision to have a professional come out and inspect your home. This will benefit your family, your home, and it may even be covered by your home insurance provider. Contact Bay Area Roofing for an experienced roof inspection company in Central Florida by calling us at (727) 578-1138.

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