05 Jan 2018

Winter is finally here, and most Florida residents can tell. The cold weather can be a great time to do some much-needed home repair. If you plan on doing some roof maintenance, consider hiring a professional roofing contractor. If you install new shingles during a bout of cold weather, you can easily void the warranty. In temperatures below 40 degrees, shingle providers have strict rules about how you must do it. To help you understand why these rules exist, we will explain how cold weather affects shingle installation.

The Shingle ‘Break-In’ Period

When you install new asphalt shingles on your roof, there is a break-in period. During this break-in period, the shingles will lose some rigidity and form a ‘seal’. In warmer months, this can happen quite quickly since the shingles will be pliable and elastic. In turn, the shingles will begin to curl down and form a nice seal over the roof. This is an essential step in building a roof that will last.

How Cold Weather Affects New Shingles

However during the winter months, the shingles will be quite rigid and inelastic. What this means is that when you first install new shingles, it will take time before they form a proper ‘seal’. If a special adhesive isn’t used on every shingle when it is installed, the result can be a roof with shingles that curl up. This is the exact opposite of what you want, because it offers decreased protection. It also increases the chance of shingles breaking apart, which compromises your roof. Roofing shingle providers require that you use a special adhesive (in temperatures below 40 degrees) for this exact reason.

Should You Install New Shingles During Winter Months

It is possible to install new shingles on a roof during cold months, and there are many benefits. Roofing contractors are typically less busy, which means you won’t have to wait. Construction materials may also be cheaper and more readily available. And you won’t have to deal with extreme heat! But it is important to take caution when trying to do this without professional help. A professional roofing contractor can ensure that every precaution is taken when installing the roof. This will increase it’s lifespan and protect your warranty and costly roof repairs down the road. For an experienced roofing contractor in the Tampa Bay FL area, contact Bay Area Roofing for a free quote.

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