Install New Shingles During Winter Months | Bay Area Roofing

Winter is finally here, and most Florida residents can tell. The cold weather can be a great time to do some much-needed home repair. If you plan on doing some roof maintenance, consider hiring a professional roofing contractor. If you install new shingles during a bout of cold weather, you can easily void the warranty. In […]

Fall Roof Checkup Guide | Bay Area Roofing

Fall Roof Checkup Advice Fall is in the air, and this means many things for homeowners. Firstly, you can finally spend time outdoors and work on the house. You’ll also see a substantial drop in your power bill. We suggest that you take advantage of this time to do a fall roof checkup. This will […]

Roof Inspections In Central Florida After Hurricane Irma

In light of Hurricane Irma’s trip through the Florida Peninsula, thousands of homeowners have sustained serious damage to their home. There are many reasons you would want to have a professional roof inspection done on your home. High Winds Put Stress On Your Home A very important reason to get a roof inspection done quickly […]

Roof Maintenance Services |

When you make a significant investment in your home’s roof, it is important to have a roof maintenance plan. This will save you time and money on repairs, and it will give you security in your home’s integrity. Follow these steps to ensure your home has proper roof maintenance. Remove Debris from The Roof and […]

Roof Replacement Sarasota Florida

Reasons To Contact Us For Roof Replacement Services Here are some shocking images that reveal a roof in need of roof replacement services. It is surprising how common it is to find a roof in this condition. Replacing this roof was serious work. Furthermore, regular roof inspections would have prevented this. In conclusion, protect your home by […]

Do You Need A New Roof on Your Tampa Home? Are you concerned that you may need a new roof? Here are some simple things you can look at to determine whether or not you need a new roof. If you think you may need a new roof, you can contact the Tampa roof repair […]